Selling Sugar Land Homes

Do you have a Sugar Land Property?  Getting ready to sell your home?  Some things you might like to do to help sell your property more quickly: 

Statistics show that clean, uncluttered homes have more showings and spend less time on the market.  Additionally, it is also common that these homes will sell for a higher price. Here are a few helpful hints from Sugar Land Real Estate that might put you on the road to success:

So, don’t you think you should Start packing now!  You will save you time and money in the long run. Once your items are boxed up and properly labeled, you can put them in a storage unit for safekeeping until you get into your next home.

And, by packing up those smaller items and de-cluttering your home, rooms will appear larger.  And don’t forget to store unneeded pieces of furniture. Start by getting rid of extra chairs, tables, and books in the living room.  Remember, only keep the basics you need to be comfortable during the “selling” and “showing” stage.  Your Sugar Land Real Estate agent can give you more ideas in this area, just ask!

Now, on to the Closets- Pictures and Knick Knacks. Pack away the unneeded clothing to make your closets appear roomier. Neatness counts! Don’t forget to put up any unused shoes and purses.  When selling your home, many strangers will be looking at everything you have. Another important tip is to Remove family pictures and valuable trinkets while your home is on the market.

People are going to open your kitchen cabinets to see how large they are. And they will be looking in your bathroom cabinets.  Make them look bigger by packing up those extra pots, pans, etc.  Pack away the fine china and glassware. And in the bathrooms, get rid of those unused items.  This would be a great time to check expiration dates on meds and destroy those that are no longer any good.

Moving on to the bedrooms.  Be sure only keep favorite toys and games in your child’s room (pack and store the remainder). Consolidate your clothing. Store the other until moving time. More floor space is what the new home buyers really want.

If you have already started packing and have a few boxes stored in the garage, take them to storage. If you cannot afford a storage unit, then make sure the boxes are stacked neatly on one side of the garage. This way, potential buyers can see if their vehicles will fit.  Extra space will help sell your house in Sugar Land!

Clean your home on a regular basis and don’t forget the toilets and tubs/showers!  There is nothing worse than a filthy bathroom! Hang towels neatly and clean that mirror.

Hope you find these “hints” helpful to you and don’t forget, your Sugar Land Realtor is here to help you each step of the way!  Call today.  The market is really popping in Sugar Land, so get on the band wagon and let us help you.

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