New Construction Home

Buying a New Construction Home in Sugar Land, TX – The Easy Way

with Mike Harness and the Sugar Land Real Estate Team

The Sugar Land Real Estate team at Prime Properties knows exactly where the best values are regarding the purchase of a new construction home in Sugar Land, West Houston, Katy, and throughout Fort Bend County. Backed by years of experience, we’ve developed relationships with all the top home builders in the Sugar Land area. This means the builders often inform us about unpublished new home deals you can’t find anywhere else.

Should you buy a new construction home straight from the builder?

Oftentimes, prospective new construction home buyers are tempted by special home builder discounts they can get by purchasing directly from the home builder. The truth is chasing after these tiny discounts can end up costing you more money in the end.

Here’s why.

When you deal straight with the home builder, you might not be getting the full picture. They don’t always understand the little things that make a house your home. That’s why they sometimes overlook the little drawbacks of their new homes that could leave you less than fully satisfied.

For example, they may not tell you the full story about the noisy fire station down the block or the wastewater plant that the city is planning in that nice wooded area by your plot.

It makes sense – builder’s agents will have the best interest of the builders at heart.

For that reason, a builder will rarely warn you if they think their new home community is overpriced – a danger that many new home buyers encounter. The Sugar Land Real Estate team, on the other hand, has been in the area long enough to give educated recommendations on the correct price points for new home communities.

Sugar Land Real Estate Represents Your Interests to New Construction Home Builders

With the team at Sugar Land Real Estate in your corner, you can rest easy knowing you’ll get the home you’ve always dreamed of. If you’re looking to custom-build a new home from scratch, our experience and insider knowledge will guide you through the process to ensure you get the best home at the best price.

Here’s how we do it:

Connections with the Top New Construction Home Builders- For over 25 years, Mike Harness has been building relationships with the best home builders in the Sugar Land and Fort Bend County area. What does this mean for you? It means we have exclusive access to unpublished deals from Telfair, Riverstone, Woodbridge, Aliana, Sienna Plantation, and all the subdivisions on our master list.  Take advantage of our connections to get the lowest price on your new home!

Listening to You– We’ll never force you into a home that doesn’t fully suit your needs. At Sugar Land Real Estate, our team will get to know your dreams, and we’ll work tirelessly to ensure your newly built home exceeds your expectations. It’s this commitment to your goals that has caused over 50% of our customer base to come from referrals.

Hands-On Oversight of Your New Home Construction

We take a hands-on approach to ensure your new home construction goes exactly as planned. Our team will be by your side at each of the 4 major meetings.

Initial Footprint Meeting- We’ll make certain everything is as it should be before the concrete is ever poured. When we arrive with you at the meeting, we’ll analyze the property and the blueprints, giving you suggestions for any modifications that can be made. This helps make certain your new home construction gets off on the right foot.

Slab and Framework Meeting– At this meeting, the slab has already been poured and the frame is already up. We’ll guide you through the bare bones of your home to point out any minor details that can be changed to make your home more suitable for your needs.

Cover-up Meeting– Just as the builders are getting ready to paint your new home, we’ll double-check that everything is exactly how you want it. This includes all the little things-placement of phone/internet jacks, light switch locations, and other details that affect your daily life.

Punch-Out-List Meeting– At this point, you’re just about ready to move into your new home. But before you start placing all your new furniture, we’ll do a final walkthrough of your home to make sure all the finishing touches are in place. This makes your new house the home of your dreams!

And yes, we’re able to deal with you if you have a home to sell. List with us at a reduced percentage and put us on your new home contract. I’t’s simple. Work with the best and make your life simple – and less expensive !

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