Tips for Home Buyers

First and foremost, select an agent to represent you as your “Buyer’s Agent”

Commissions are generally paid by the seller even when you are represented by a buyer’s agent, so you are receiving a free service in hiring a qualified Realtor to serve your best interests.

Pledge your loyalty to your agent and you will be rewarded by his or her best effort to find you the perfect house at the best price.

Protect yourself by handing out your agent’s card whenever you visit open houses or builder model homes and inform the agent on site that your agent is representing you. This will insure that you have an agent looking out for your best interests, protecting your privacy and helping you to negotiate for your dream home.

Have your agent recommend a professional loan officer for you to interview

Have that person pre-qualify you immediately so that you and your Realtor know exactly what you can afford.

A pre-qualification letter from your lender will help you a lot in your negotiations. Sellers need to know their home is sold to someone who can afford it.

A pre-qualified buyer is always more attractive to a seller.

Always have the home you are buying inspected by a licensed inspector

Your Realtor can provide a list of qualified inspectors to you. This will insure that you move into a home in good repair (even if it is new) and not a “lemon”.

The inspector will identify any problem areas through observation of structural, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, and safety systems of the property.

They can also schedule to have your home inspected for termites and other wood destroying insects, which is required by mortgage lenders